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Meet Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier in Edgewater

Today we’d like to introduce you to Terry Opalek and Michael Frontier.

Terry and Michael, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
In 2003, after completing the 12 week course “The Artist’s Way” I resigned from my 20 year career. At 45 years old I wasn’t sure what was next, but I knew that I wanted to live a more creative and fulfilling life. Nine months later Michael and I founded Terry’s Toffee. The next 13 years were filled with more challenges, opportunities and deeply meaningful lessons not only about business, but more importantly about life. In the fall of 2015 we achieved our intentional goal and sold Terry’s Toffee. What’s next? It’s not a question, it’s a directive, “What’s next!”

My husband Michael Frontier and I have been offering Reiki to clients since 2001. Michael is also a very gifted Intuitive/Clairvoyant and has helped thousands of clients for many years. After the sale of Terry’s Toffee we decided to go into our healing work on a full time basis.

We also co-facilitate an exciting and transformative workshop “Beyond The Artist’s Way”, based on the best-selling book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. We are also developing additional workshops based on our life experiences and the work we do; aiming to help people move forward in their lives from an authentic place of intention and desire for fulfillment.

“What’s next!” is moving us forward to have a positive impact on this world and help to change people’s lives for the better.

Has it been a smooth road?
Life is not linear, it’s more of a spiral and takes us to places far beyond our dreams. There are always challenges, which I have learned to rename “opportunities” to help us grow. When we fall, we often want to get up as quickly as we can, hoping no one noticed, brush ourselves off and keep moving. I have found the biggest and most valuable lessons are lying there beside me in the muck and mire. So as difficult as it may be, I try to stay there for a little bit and not push too hard to get up and instead look around. Observe. What can I learn from this latest “mistake”.

One of the most challenging obstacles is the concept of money. Do we have “enough”, will we make enough, what if we don’t, and on and on the cycle goes. I’ve learned to tap into the energy of prosperity, which takes me far beyond money. My life is prosperous in many ways; my health, home life, work I do and my overall sense of self. As I focus on all the prosperity and abundance in my life the Universe returns to me more of the same, and my life becomes more prosperous in every way, including monetarily.

I don’t always do it perfectly, but I am getting better at it.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Michael and I are both certified Reiki Masters. Simply put, Reiki is the channeling of energy through me to my client. Nobel Prize winning Physicists have proven what mystics have known for thousands of years, everything is literally energy. A Reiki session with me usually lasts about an hour and a half or two. I hold a very sacred, confidential and safe environment for my clients. In that space we talk about what has brought you to me, how you are feeling and then set an intention for the session. Clients lay on a massage table and I begin with a brief relaxation meditation and then channel energy, which in turn begins to help transform and heal on whatever level is necessary. Over time my Reiki has developed and expanded and I now look at my work as an opportunity to help people reconnect with their true and natural state of being.

Michael’s Reiki work is very similar, but more importantly his real passion is his Intuitive/Clairvoyant work. He has worked with thousands of clients from coast-to-coast helping them to unblock what is standing in their way and move forward into their purpose and passion. He works with renowned actors, business executives, artists, mom’s and dad’s; has had a profound impact on helping people to move forward.

We are feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose in co-facilitating our workshops. The participants are expanding and shifting their perspective of self and their purpose and passion for their life. We are humbled and privileged to be witnessing remarkable transformations on many levels.

We are both happier than we’ve ever been in our professional lives because we are truly making a difference in helping others. Our unique approach and individual gifts set us all apart. Each of us has our own exceptional gifts to bring forward, that’s the work.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Chicago is a great place for the work we are doing. Our neighborhood has a palpable energy field, we felt it 19 years ago when we bought our home and opened our Healing Center.

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  1. Patrick Lucas

    July 18, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    I would like to say that even when we’re in our teens we had a we had a way of having purpose in our lives now I know we did not think it through like that but by God you made it happen I made it happen and God bless Timmy you know there was just something lacking and I know for us we probably thought the same thing but I also but I knew that I was destined for better and greater things where I did lose out is to have someone love me like you you you are loved that part and missed the boat and it was something I guess you know I wanted very much but it is never I was never meant to be loved like that I just never was but I was blessed with some incredible friends who had told me that I was lovable and you know that almost knock me out but anyway I’m so proud of you both of you I just think you’re broke you live your life by example and I think that’s the only thing in the way you should do things you’re an inspiration I’m not jealous I’m just so blessed and happy that I have a friend who is getting what he deserves that we all should be getting what you just wait you get but I’m just happy for you so God bless

  2. Mcihele Daly

    July 19, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Terry from the time I met you in the 80’s there was something special about you. I am thrilled that you are discovering your purpose and to have spent a few years with you in Lansing, Michigan. The best to you & Michael as you continue your voyage. Wishing you many happy, healthy & creative years ahead.

  3. Rene Walder

    July 23, 2017 at 12:11 am

    Terry, you are an amazing soul. You always cared about the human side of things, especially in business and I believe that yes, that came back to you triple-fold. Im so happy to see your life is so fulfilled and full of purpose. Good for you both!

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