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Meet The Banditry Co. with Natalie and Justin Younger

Today we’d like to introduce you to The Banditry Co. of Natalie and Justin Younger.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
We were a couple of creatives working in complementary fields, more than accustomed to the hustle and wearing of many hats, but looking for more creative ownership and control over our work. We were already friends who enjoyed working together and knew we could do so without any casualties, so we joined forces and founded The Banditry Co.

It was just me (Natalie) and Justin at first, we brought Greg on as a partner after our first year and hired the ever-talented Sarah in our third.

Justin is a 3D artist and animator with a particular knack for 3D modeling and sculpting. I’m a copywriter, scriptwriter and producer with a background in brand strategy and comedy. Greg is a graphic designer and type-nerd turned 2D animator and motion graphic designer. Sarah is an animator, boss-lady illustrator and suspected Disney princess.

Justin, Greg and I all freelanced for years. We freelanced because we wanted the freedom to pursue more interesting, creative and diverse projects.

We formed The Banditry Co. because we wanted more creative and strategic input on said projects, a seat at the table from concept to completion, a team we knew and trusted, a relationship with the clients that allowed us to create tools that truly serve their goals and audience.

It is surprising how often strategy, script, design, production, and the client are kept in their own silos in larger places. It’s silly, it’s inefficient, and it doesn’t lend itself to smart, creative and effective final products. Together, we’re like a Voltron or Megazord of creativity and capabilities. Plus, it is just more fun to work together.

Please tell us about your art.
The Banditry Co. is a full-service animated video production company. We specialize in 3D animation and strategic, creative storytelling.

Our work is primarily in the commercial space, creating video marketing tools for brands and non-profits to use on the web and social media, in apps, at live events/conferences/tradeshows, internally for training or onboarding, and beyond.

We get entirely too jazzed about creating work that not only serves the intended purpose or solves a particular problem but that the audience (consumers or otherwise) actually want to watch. Maybe it’s because we all entered the teen workforce during the height of bad retail training videos or maybe we’re just drawn to the challenge of creating work that is as engaging as it is effective.

We’re constantly inspired and invigorated by our city. Chicago is a strangely small big city. Our neighborhoods are sprawling, but our communities are close-knit. Our history is a mesmerizing mix of awesome and awful. Our art and activism are persistent and proud. Our weather is… well… the weather. On rare occasions, we get to create something ‘just for fun,’ we always look to Chicago for inspiration. We’re also really passionate about collaborating with non-profits and local, socially-conscious organizations.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
The perpetual challenge of being an artist is getting paid for your work.

People always want to devalue the artists’ contribution to society. They don’t always consider art work, even when it is explicitly a service they are hiring you to provide. They want a deal, or to pay you in exposure. Or they want to hire you to do what you do best, and then dictate how it is you should go about doing it.

Between that and the whole “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” thing, it can be a real headache to keep motivated, keep creating and keep fighting for your worth.

At The Banditry Co., we love what we do. Our professions are also our hobbies–dangerous, we know. We all always have our hands in some “passion project” outside of our client work — comedy writing, animated shorts, 3D sculpts, art prints, character design. But all that love won’t pay the bills. Also, just because you don’t hate your job doesn’t mean your work is any less valuable.

Even as a studio, we are often having to stand up for the value of our work, politely remind people that they came to us for our expertise, etc.

Moreover, because our professions are also our hobbies, it can be really difficult to stay invested in those aforementioned passion projects. After a full day of writing/designing/animating/illustrating for work, it’s hard to go home and keep creating for yourself… but that’s a whole other can of worms.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
The best place to learn more about our merry band of bandits and our work is on our website: (that’s not a typo, it is a .co not a .com), but we try to post a lot of other goodies and behind-the-scenes bits on Instagram @TheBanditryCo

You can support our work by hiring us to create an awesome animated video about your service, product, event or non-profit!

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The Banditry Co.

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