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The Best Latte Art in Chicagoland

One hallmark of a truly advanced society is the ease with which one can find latte art. Friends, we have much to be thankful for as residents of the glorious Chicagoland and it is true that our latte art offerings are among the best in the world.  Below, we present some of the best latte art we’ve encountered.

The Wormhole Coffee – 1462 N Milwaukee Ave

Shoutout to the very talented designer and Illustrator Lohren Lutheran. Check him out here.

and a big thanks to the girl with a million dollar smile, Christine Mei

Cheers to the vibrant and adventurous Tamara Arndt

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C.C. Ferns Coffee – 2806 W Augusta Blvd

Credit and thanks to the compassionate @ekmfoodiepics – check out their amazing feed!

Shoutout to La Isackson, one of the coolest and most talented baristas anywhere

Cheers to Margaret – social media strategist, project manager and one of the most brilliant coffee minds in town.  Learn more about her work here.

Goddess And The Baker – 33 S Wabash Ave

The world is a better, more delightful place because of the brilliant Violinist JANIS SAKAI – definitely check out.

Big thanks to the charming Katherine Renteria

Shoutout to the coolest 26 year old we know – Taylor Schroyer

HERO Coffee Bar – 439 S Dearborn St

It’s about time to give a standing O to the brilliant freelance photographer and voice artist Mikhaela Padilla. Check out her work here and here

Cheers to @roboallycat – the lovey lady whose energy could brighten any room

Elaine’s Coffee Call – 1816 N Clark St

Check out Piece Of Chicago – one of the best up and coming Chicago foodies

Shoutout to Liz Traines – storyteller, human rights activist and one of the city’s coolest foodies.  Check out her retreat.

Intelligentsia Coffee – 53 W Jackson Blvd

Big thanks to the wildly talented Seshu – check out her etsy store

Big ups to the always dapper Saad Alajlan

Gaslight Coffee Roasters – 2385 N Milwaukee Ave

Shoutout to super fit, super cool Emilie

Thanks and credit to the brilliant designer and developer Zachary Pirrello

Cheers to the incredibly compassionate and stunningly beautiful Yadira

Bridgeport Coffee House – 3101 S Morgan St

Luis Villegas is one of the city’s BEST fashion bloggers – check out his feed.

We’re big fans of Revolutionary Lemonade Stand – justice clothing and gifts, check them out

We don’t know a barista with more swagger than Susie

Caffe Streets – 1750 W Division

Check out Pour Appetite. They are satisfying an appetite for all things food and everything brewed | Based in Chicagoland

Shoutout to Kyoko – the lovely lady who is always pretty in pink

Thank you to the jaw droppingly gorgeous  and talented make up artist  @evrianthi  Check out her work here.

Java & Mug Café – 3247 W Bryn Mawr Ave

Big thanks to Rebecca @windycitylivin1012

Big thanks to the brilliant and beautiful Erikka-Mae Magpayo

Big thanks to one of the city’s best food IG-Feeds, @___pw

Metropolis Coffee Company – 1039 W Granville Ave

A huge thank you to the brilliant and eloquent Heather Erin Herbert – #PhiThetaKappa alumna & advisor, English instructor, Ph.D. student, and very caffeinated

Shoutout to the always charming William Hudson

Thanks Joe – you’re one of the city’s most dashing young men

The Coffee Studio – 5628 N Clark St

Credit to Graham Crowe – a great man with even greater knowledge of the the finer things – most notably art, bikes and coffee

Thanks to the oh-so-stylish Katie Donbavand of InStyle

Jackalope Coffee & Tea House – 755 W 32nd St

Big thanks to the awesome Melissa McDonnell

Ipsento Coffee – 2035 N Western Ave

Shoutout to Lauren – our favorite hipster / chef

Cheers to Whitney – the girl who wears glasses better than anyone else we know #alwayslookingfly

Sawada Coffee – 112 N Green St

Big thanks to Julio Perez — the man showing Chicago what great facial hair looks like

La Colombe Coffee – 955 W Randolph St

Credit to the always fashionable Alex Duffy – check out here site here!

and to the beautiful and brilliant chef in the making @joviiieats

and the always inspiring Suzanne EL-Moursi

Dollop Coffee & Tea – 345 E Ohio St

Huge thanks to the amazing duo at Once Upon a Wedding – Wedding planning gurus & best friends, the duo behind Once Upon a Wedding love coffee, wine, our city, and planning weddings as unique as our couples! Check out their blog!

Love this Nutella Mocha. Big thanks to Anh Le

Cheers to one of Chicago’s most beautiful people – Melisa Muminhodžić

Pickwick Coffee Roasting – 22 E Jackson Ave

Big thanks to @aarondenman – check out his brilliant feed

And a shoutout to the always fly Thomas Capra

and the charming Thomas Dreixler

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