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Inspiring Stories from the North-West Side

The heart of our mission at VoyageChicago is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Chicago’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from the North West side below.

Amelia Forczak

I was always a writer. When I was a kid, I used to create my own newspapers with current events and original stories, and sell them to my family for a dollar or two. I went to school for journalism but I decided to go into marketing because so much of marketing revolves around creating content. I really wanted to write books, and I was trying to figure out how I would fit that into my life when it sort of fell into my lap. I was in my mid-twenties, and I was working in the marketing department of a consulting firm. Our CEO was approached by a literary agent to write a business book. Read more>>

Dennis Kelly

The spark for music started for me when a band played around where I lived as a kid and loved them so much, I kept asking them for their autograph (unfortunately I don’t recall what band it was now though). The Beatles and KISS were two bands growing up that influenced me the most, but as I grew, my horizons expanded to include bands like Dead Can Dance, Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters of Mercy, Cocteau Twins, Sheila Chandra, Kate Bush, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Underworld… pretty much all over the spectrum. Read more>>

Paige DeChausse

My mother was a singer so there was this inherent hum reverberating inside my bones from the time I was a child. I never woke up one day and proclaimed, “I’m going to be a singer!” I just got up every day and sang. My mother ignited my creative course and would continue to fuel it even through her passing. She was my greatest inspiration. That’s where it began for me, at the age of four, in our back room in rural Illinois, singing Patsy Cline songs, staring out to an open field. I used to daydream out my second story window, write poetry and sing songs wondering if I’d ever get out. And I did, eventually. Read more>>

Eva Simon

Well, 16 years ago, I got my first film camera as a gift… I remember I used it on my first vacation in Paris… great memories, beautiful city. Ten years ago in 2008, I got my first DLSR, I lived in Florida then… I loved going to the beach to photograph the sunset, the water, The Monarch Butterflies in September… and so on. My friend gives birth next year and I started photographing her beautiful little girl. Read more>>

Brian Diamond

To first understand Electric Dream Records one needs to understand “Synthwave.” More precisely, Electronic Synthwave music. Synthwave (also known as retro wave, outrun, and future synth) is a genre of primarily electronic music, heavily influenced by the sounds of the 1980’s (including 80’s pop music, soundtrack scores, and even video games). The roots of this genre can be traced to around the mid-2000s, with French house artists like College, Kavinsky, and Justice, who were creating music inspired by ’80s film score legends like John Carpenter and Brad Fiedel. Read more>>

Lyn (Linda) Scolaro

I began teaching in 1982 at Mother Guerin High School in River Grove, after nine years, I was hired at Prospect High School. My teaching is driven by my passion instilled in me by my parents. My father, Attilio, was born in Italy and my mother Mary (Cecchin) was born in Chicago. We grew up honoring many Italian traditions and traveling to Italy to visit family. We spoke English at home, and my love for the language began my freshman year in high school. Read more>>

John Davies

I started Sinema Obscura as a way to watch weird movies that you don’t normally get to see with friends in public (ie., Paprika, Manborg) and pairing those movies with something produced in Chicago by local independent filmmakers. (i.e., Jake Myers, Emily Esperanza). But ended up focusing on the independent films as I was nervous about getting rights to screen the big budget films. Read more>>

Barry Saltzman

My career started after I graduated from college with a degree in Computers. I grew up with a dad who was a CPA and spent my early years doing bookkeeping for my Dad’s clients. When I graduated I started to sell automated accounting solutions to his clients. A year into this job, I decided to go work for a company that was going to train and develop me. Read more>>

Joslyn Vosta 

So to start, my partner Joram is in a handful of bands that play around Chicago (Rust Ring, Snort, Good Brother, Bosley Jr.). Sometime towards the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, we started experimenting with cassettes and decided to order a few blank tapes to play around with. Read more>>

Rene Morrell

I was fortunate enough to discover my artistic talents as a child. I continued to develop my skill and began to surround myself with like-minded artists, musicians, and graphic designers in my teenage through early adult years. Some of the artists and graphic designers I surrounded myself with used fashion, mainly streetwear, to showcase their creativity. Read more>>

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