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Inspiring Stories from the North-West Side

The heart of our mission at VoyageChicago is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Chicago’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out rising stars from the North West side below.

Angelo Sisco

After eight surgeries, two months in a hospital bed, five months of daily rehab and the encouraging news from my doctors that any kind of athletics is permanently out of the question, I fell into a deep depression. In 2009, I discovered CrossFit and everything changed once again. I had a new focus. I had a new purpose. I lost 100 pounds. Read more>>

Peggy McGuire

I began my career as a Director of Foster Care for a National Adoption Agency. I fulfilled that role for 12 years. I was able to work with birth parents, adoptive and foster parents, as well as the medical and legal systems. It was an invigorating and very fulfilling time in my career. The leadership of the organization gave me every opportunity to learn, develop and truly build a very successful agency that brought families together, peace to crisis, and opportunities to individuals that goes beyond imagination. Read more>>

Sandy and Rich Crane

With my skills from the past of being self-employed, working at the corporate office of The Pampered Chef as a sales trainer (where I met my wonderful husband), and working at church which is all about people… real estate seemed to fit. To most, real estate is about buying and selling a property, but to us, the main focus of real estate is working with people and helping them find the foundation to host their memories. Read more>>

Rebecca George

The Art House in Chicago is a studio workshop and gallery offering innovative courses for adult artists at every stage of experience. Adult art classes in color, painting, drawing, printmaking and open studio are open for registration on a semester schedule and feature in-depth demonstrations on material and technique, small class sizes and makeup options for missed sessions. Individual instruction is available to expedite a self-directed momentum and build a body of work/portfolio. Read more>>


About five years ago, we were designing and running our own brand. After taking a few collections to various screen printers, we realized that no one had the attention to detail we wanted and the quality was lacking in most prints. Being naïve and ambitious, we decided the only way to get the product exactly the way we wanted it was to do everything in-house. Grch became an excellent printer, mastering a lot of different techniques and styles – Read more>>

Mila Aron

I always loved to tell stories through imagery. I believed that capturing real emotion is so important for memory keeping, I didn’t want the cheesy and overly posed looks from my little one, but I wanted to look back at these memories ten years from the time and be able to see the way he really was at this age. I had a point and shoot camera at the time and it just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. Read more>>

Kasha Rodig

To me, it is more than just makeup and hair.  It is a way to connect with others.  It is an opportunity to take care of another human being. It’s the opportunity to put someone at ease assuring them that they are safe. It’s becoming part of someone’s family and hearing his/her story. Read more>>

Tamara Edwards

I’m sure we’ve all been there —nothing was “wrong,” but it wasn’t totally right either. My career was in a great place. It was everything I had ever dreamed up. Communications. Logistics. Raises. Awards. Endless fun. Endless opportunity. I had the most amazing group of friends and supporters around me. My work-friends became my closest mentors and my after-work friends never wavered from the mantra of “women supporting women.” Read more>>

John Habermeier

Synergy started because my business partner, Steve Taylor and I could not find a place where we truly enjoyed coming to work every day. One day, we decided that we wanted to create an environment where people loved what they did, who they worked with, and who they worked for, so we started Synergy based on this concept. Read more>>

Kiran Chouhan

The success I have achieved today in the field of dance is due to my mother’s encouragement, guidance, and continuous support. I received my initial Kathak dance training in India under the guidance of Mrs. Reba Vidyarthy and then got the opportunity to pursue further training under the expert guidance of the Kathak Legend – Pandit Birju Maharaj. Read more>>

Pacome Pika

I am a scientist and businessman who lived in Canada before moving to the USA. It is in Canada that the vision of being in cosmetics and pharmacies with Naturo + products is born. In the USA, I met George while he was serving in the shelter. George gave me and my children the opportunity to move into his house while waiting. That’s when we decided to create the company Naturheals and the non-profit organization Impact Care Givers. Read more>>

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