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#ChicagoBlogger: conversations with local influencers

Chicago is home to so many bloggers, youtubers, influencers, and content creators.  They help shape culture, they inform, entertain, educate and inspire through their content and we have had the good fortune of connecting with many of the city’s best and brightest.  Below we’ve highlighted conversations we’ve had with a handful of wonderful bloggers we think you should know more about.

Jessica Berson of Bunny and Brandy’s Brunchtime

Bunny and Brandy’s Brunchtime Blog is the longest-running brunch-focused blog in Chicago. I got on the brunch train just as it was leaving the station and I have been hanging on for dear life ever since! The blog still mainly focuses on brunch in the form of restaurant reviews and original recipes, but my Instagram and other social media accounts cover pretty much everything I eat from day to day. Up until recently, the blog posts were always accompanied by little stories about Bunny and Brandy’s wacky fictional lives, but now I’ve decided to adopt a more casual and accessible format. Read More >>


Lisa Puchalski of Trendless

Trendless Blog is a go-to source for all things fashion that follows my style mantra, which is to save on the trendy and to splurge on the timeless. It provides fashion inspiration for the busy, everyday girl that wants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends without breaking the bank. I keep my community up-to-date on the pieces I’m loving, upcoming sales and provide them with styling tips. Outside of fashion, Trendless blog also touches on beauty, travel and home decor. Read More >>

Brittney Duplessis of Blissfully Brittney Marie

As an Influencer, I have the privilege of working with my favorite brands and companies. I have access to product launches, campaigns, movie premieres, red carpets and so much more. My blog has quickly evolved from beauty and fashion reviews to celebrity press events and travel blogging. Expanding my platform and brand substantially. While my brand has grown so much over the years, I am most proud that my message hasn’t changed. Opening emails from young women from across the globe and hearing how much I inspire them to pursue their dreams has really given me the glittering fuel I need to continue to shatter glass ceilings and show the world that there are more than one nationality and body size capable of making a global impact! Read More >>

Liz Bobak of Ela Bobak

I do EVERYTHING when it relates to my blog and social media channels. I edit my own photos, I come up with blog posts, I do my own Instagram, I edit my vlogs and videos. I reach out to brands to collaborate. I handle all my financials of the money I’ve made so far. I started the blog as an outlet to share a lot of my home remodel projects and share how I did a lot of it for cheap and honestly I love finding things for a bargain so I would say that’s what I’m good at. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve done all these brand collaborations with less than 5000 Instagram followers. That keeps me going and I know I can do even more with my brand. Read More >>

Notorious Nicolette

I am the blogger behind Notorious Nicolette. I showcase my fashion in local Chicago and my adventures all around the world. My blog is my outlet to share my fashion with the rest of the world and encourage others to dress how they want. Furthermore, my fashion blog has allowed me to showcase my evolving personal style. While some aspects of my style have changed, there are some that will always stay with me. For example, I am rarely seen without bright colors, heels, and a statement jewelry piece. My belief is bright colors are a great way to bring a little sunshine into your everyday life. As far as what sets me apart, a passion of mine is traveling globally to interesting destinations. On my blog, I merge those experiences along with the fashion I wear. Not only is my style is a true reflection of myself, but also a reflection of my life experiences. Read More >>

Lauren Massarella and Michelle Anderson of The Sister Project

Along with sharing our hygge lifestyle of well being and cozy living with our readers and the world, we share our journey with dementia. Our mom was diagnosed in 2015 with FTD (frontotemporal dementia), the same year we began our blog. We did not anticipate that we would share this tragic turn of events, but we found that writing about our journey was extremely therapeutic. We also discovered that there are so many individuals and families that are affected by this terrible disease. Our blog has helped us and others connect. It helps us all feel less alone. Read More >>

Paige Delaney of Paige Mariah

I have a self-titled YouTube channel and blog where I share my thrifty personal style, provide weight loss and fitness advice and share tips about traveling on a budget. I am excited that my content continues to grow as I grow. My love of fitness and good nutrition came into my life unexpectedly and I was able to fit that into the content that I was already creating and begin sharing a beautiful journey with the world. Read More >>


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