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The Chicago Collection

Chicago is a cultural powerhouse – from photography and watercolor to opera and ballet – culture finds a welcoming and supportive home Chicago. The Chicago collection highlights some of our favorites –from art that makes you think and poetry that makes you cry to photography that captures a timeless emotion.


🎶 Dance, for the love of it ❤ #ValentinesDay

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The 39 Steps adding the comedy bits! #brightsidetheatre #HitchcockinNaperville

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Phoenix-head Ewer This classic Tang dynasty vessel is molded on each side with a cartouche, one depicting a rampant phoenix, the other an equestrian archer. The unperforated beak is non-functional and indicates it's main purpose was a tomb furnishing. The shape of this vessel along with the relief floral medallions were clearly inspired by Sasanian metalwork which would have entered China along the Silk Road at the time. Thus, this ewer reflects the cosmopolitan and somewhat exotic taste of Tang high society. . Straw-glazed pottery, Tang dynasty (618–907), China, 32cm tall. On display. We are very grateful to have this piece donated to the museum by Shirley Maloney Mueller, M.D. This week is Chicago Museum Week! We are offering 20% discount on admissions and memberships! #ChicagoMuseumWeek #asianart #chinatownchicago

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