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Namaste Chicago: Inspiration from Local Yogis

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is on fire – stress and tensions are on the rise and elevated stress levels can start feeling like the new normal. However – there are so many talented Yogis in Chicago working hard to help us feel more relaxed, grounded, happy and healthy. We’ve put together a collection of local yogis who inspire us – we hope to see you at one of their classes soon!

There will be moments that will test your heart, but you will make it. You always do. ✨🖤 @w.rabbit.poetry

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Waiting on tonight’s like……

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Grateful to be back teaching my regular schedule this week. Let’s detox the mind and body, let go of the bullshit, and continue to manifest what we truly want in our lives ✌️#MeetMeOnTheMat #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #letgoofthebullshit #believeinyourself #manifestation #love #community #BeProudToBeYou • • Mon – 10:15am Deep Stretch & 11:30am Flow @yogasix Gold Coast 6pm Hip Hop Power Vinyasa @mirepoixstudio • • Tues – 8:30am Hot Power Flow @studiothreechi 12pm – Restorative Yoga @sweatfitnessstudios 6:30pm Vinyasa @yogasix GC • • Wed – 6pm & 7:30pm Hip Hop Power Vinyasa @mirepoixstudio • • Thurs – 9:45am Power Yoga // P-Stretch @studiothreechi 12pm Yoga Flow @sweatfitnessstudios 5:30pm Flow @yogasix GC • • Fri – 9am Mindful Vinyasa @mirepoixstudio & 12:15pm Flow @studiothreechi • • Sat – 12pm Power @yogasix GC

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Traveling by train back to Chicago at the moment. Do you ever feel like you are trying to make a round peg fit into a square hole ( or whatever that saying is;) this is what I’m contemplating right now and how to listen to the messages being sent my way about when I’m forcing something. I’m learning when to soften the grip and let go. When to choose some battles and accept what battles have been chosen for me. How I can soften around all of it and how that softening may look different from situation to situation. —————————————-photo credit Kristie Kahns Of course this week in classes will include twisting and intentional cleansing techniques. Not just for the food you consumed but also to help digest everything else 😉 Tonight I’ll be at Nature Yoga at 730pm candlelight. Special class Saturday at Nature as well ! Yoga and live music 🎶 ———–back to the normal schedule ! #bharadvajasana #natureyoga #listening #squarepegroundhole #chicagoyoga #twists #ambercookyoga

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It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings 🙏🏻 photo by @thenaughtyyogini

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|Svarga Dvijasana- Birds of Paradise.. • I remember the first time I ever tried to get into this pose. It was actually the 1st advanced yoga posture I ever attempted. I went out and bought a strap just to try it & I was serious lol. I was in this pose the first time I observed myself react to stress. I was really trying to “get it” & it just wasn’t happening. My standing leg was to wobbling. My breath became really choppy & my face instantly frowned up. I was just tense as hell! I was trying so hard that I was getting frustrated & just wanted to quit, but that’s where the works starts, so for the first time I paused. I Observed what was going on with my mind, my body, and my breath. I let go what I thought I should look like and observed how it felt.. It’s funny how the work on the mat usually reflects life off the mat. I often find myself practicing this pose when I need to step back and reflect. Today I needed to be reminded that the process is way more important than the pose. The journey always offers so much more than the destination. I am forever grateful for my practice & my journey.| • 📸@mocstudios Wearing @americanapparelusa • #blackgirlyoga #chicagoyoga #yogini #yogisofinstagram #colorsofyoga #blacktogateacher #birdsofparadise #blackgirlsdoyoga #yogaeverydamnday

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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. “ – Thomas Edison _ Day 5 of #yogiflyingfun is #fireflypose. This pose requires extremely open hips and flexibility in the hamstrings…two things that don’t come naturally for me and that I need to work on daily to see even the tiniest bit of progress. Snuggle the shoulders to the inside edges of your knees and use your legs around your arms to SQUEEZE and create a lift through your core. Easier said than done! 😅 Honestly, I’m just happy that I was able to get my legs off the ground. Full leg extension is still a long way off for me. _ This pose always teaches me that even though I may fall down (over and over again), I can pick myself right back up and try again. Giving up is NOT an option. _ Hosts: @raymurse_yoga @hana_bladh @mmaneevese @mirajfindingbalance _ Sponsors: @liforme @yogapaws @onzie @thirdeyegemstones _ #tittibhasanaa #armbalance #yogachallenge #chicagoyoga #practicepracticepractice #practiceandalliscoming #progressnotperfection

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Thank you, body, for being the vehicle for my spirit in this lifetime, for pumping enough blood to fill an ocean, for teaching me humility and grit. ✨ Thank you, family, for raising me with content of character, tolerating and embracing all my phases, and for providing me with life. ✨ Thank you, friends, for letting me step out of the seat of the teacher when I feel broken down so that I can be held by you. ✨ Thank you, community, for coming to the yoga classes that I am grateful to teach, for trusting me to take you to vulnerable spaces, for breathing once you get there, for showing up in the wee hours of the morning to build dedication and awareness, and for lifting me up on the days when it’s hard to show up. ✨ Thank you, hard things in my past, for only by moving through you have I arrived here today. ✨ Thank you, blessings of the present moment, for opening my heart to wonder. ✨One of my former teacher trainees told me a beautiful story that in her gratitude practice, she thanked each part of her body as she washed it clean in the shower. ✨ “Thank you, feet, for carrying. Thank you, legs, for being strong. Thank you, belly, for digesting and providing me with energy. Thank you arms, for being able to reach out and hold.” What a beautiful practice! ✨Yoga isn’t about the shapes, it’s about the mindset. How do you practice gratitude? Who can you thank truly and sincerely? When’s the last time you thanked yourself? What are your many, magnificent daily gifts from the universe? ✨And, since it’s about doing the work, when do you play it small and choose to forget your multitude of blessings? #gratitude #yogaofgratitude #grateful #gratitudepractice #attitudeofgratitude #practice #practicegratitude #thanksgiving #thankful #thanksgiving2017 #seasonofgratitude #dailypractice #thankyou #saythankyou #saythanks #community #halfpigeonpose #ekapadarajakapotasana #heartopeners #openheart #open #halleyoga #blessings #chicagoyoga

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